Sunday, June 26, 2011


In a previous post I mentioned taking in all the information I could find about Slendy. This, of course included reading various blogs. Out of those that I found, one blog stood out to me. It belonged to OnePoundofFlesh, a man claiming to be a serial killer.

I was fascinated. Even after it became clear that this was no joke.

And the things he said seemed to strike a chord with something deep inside…

It was already present…

A whisper in the back of my mind that was growing stronger

I’m not blaming him for my decisions, however. I know that they were mine and mine alone

Aside from one lightly mocking comment in February, I observed him quietly until late April. From there, things changed radically.


  1. Knitwolf- My apparent impact on you is flattering to say the very least.

    Until Next Time.

  2. Ah, you've discovered my new little slice of the internet. I'm not surprised, considering the link and your tendency to lurk, but I am flattered that you took the time to read a bit of it.

    As for your impact on me, well, what can I say? you turned out to be the perfect catalyst for a badly needed change