Sunday, March 30, 2014

Picking up the pieces

Laura- or Whelp now, I guess- has already told you part of what happened, so I might as well finally tell you the rest. We were the diversion- me and Fell and Monster. We were supposed to take care of the ones outside while Wolf crashed the party inside the church. Wolf told us that Ritter told her that she would have to interrupt the ritual that would bring their god here. She had to attack when that creature was passing over from its world to ours because it would be vulnerable then. She told us it would kill us and anyone else who has Azoth in them if we fucked up, but she left out the part about her needing to die for the plan to work.

So she teleported us into position then disappeared. Monster stepped out of the trees and began approaching their border and one of the guards while crying and pleading for help. The guard aimed his shotgun at the kid but didn’t shoot, instead calling him by his old name, yelling at him to stop and demanding to know where he had come from. This got the attention of the others, some of which came over, yelling at him to shoot along the way. While this was happening, me and Fell made our move and snuck in, using the old buildings as cover. I heard the idiot start to yell back to the others and then scream. I was able to catch a bit of what was going on. Monster had apparently launched himself up and bit the guy.

Gunfire told me that the kid had been killed as I used my crowbar to break into one of the buildings. I knew there was someone with a gun on the second floor. We had seen him while watching the place before Wolf moved us into position. There was a ladder leading up to the second floor, where the stairs had apparently collapsed. I made my way up as quietly as I could, but not quietly enough because as soon as I peeked into the room where he was, I had to pull back immediately to avoid being shot with a semi auto rifle. I yelled like I was hit and used the crowbar to prod the ladder into falling, hoping he’d think I was hit and fell in an attempt to escape. Sure enough, he peeked out and I was able to give him a smack with the crowbar and take his rifle

I took his place at the window and shot one of the two guards with guns who were parked in front of the door of the church. It was like everything stopped for a minute as the crowd around the church were trying to process what happened. I was able to take another shot, getting the other guard as he figured out what was going on and raised his gun to shoot me. Fell had been sneaking closer to the church had darted out and killed someone by the time I caught sight of her again. I fired again, to try to keep her from getting overrun as she caught another one in the neck with the spike of her tomahawk and used their body for cover while she threw a knife at someone else. A chunk of the window was blown off. One of the guards who had gone after Monster had finally figured out what was going on and where I was and had fired. I ducked away only to hear a crash and see a light coming from the first floor. They had apparently set the building I was in on fire. I decided to bail out, ditching the rifle grabbing my crowbar, running to the room at the end of the hall and jumping through the window, bouncing off the roof of the shorter house next door before landing on the guy who was about to light a Molotov cocktail. One second later and I think we both would have been on fire. I glanced up to see the guard who shot at me come around the corner and move to fire. In a moment of crazed desperation, I grabbed the Molotov cocktail which had not broken open and hucked it at him. It hit and broke open as he pulled the trigger. There was a spark. I was hit but he was burning. I was expecting to be dodging more attacks at this point but panic and confusion had set in and I figured out why when I realized that some of the screams I was hearing were coming from inside the church. Wolf had begun her part of the plan. The ones remaining were stuck deciding whether to go after Fell, or me or trying to stop what was going on in the church. We couldn’t afford to let them succeed with that last option, so I ran out to help Fell. Screams were coming from all directions. I think some might have tried to escape only to meet the boss because some of the cries seemed so distant. The rest is an echo-y blur in my head. I remember Fell yelling something to me as she continued to hack her way through the ones that remained. Then I found myself climbing through a window of the church. The doors were barred so we went through the hole in the boarded up window that had been made either as an escape or an attempt to assist.

When we got in there we saw Wolf fighting this thing

It was a mess of putrid bubbling flesh. It looked like it was trying to take some kind of shape but couldn’t and it had Wolf who was puncturing it over and over again. The thing seemed to be in pain and it was turning a darker colour. It was like Wolf was poisoning it. Up to this point the whole place felt shitty, but here I could barely move. I felt like I was being pulled to the ground even though I was still standing.  Fell screamed to her. She looked back.

Her mask had come off. Her eyes were bleeding Azoth and I realized that she was being burned alive.

“Take her and run!” She yelled and Whelp was flung at us, knocking us over. I hadn’t even noticed her until that happened. I remember Wolf turning back to the thing and judging from the angle, more tentacles had burst out of her face. She was ripping herself apart to kill it.

And to save us

I don’t know how she managed to do it, but she had used Skein to keep herself anchored in place. As I tried to move my body to get Fell and Laura out, a dark rip appeared behind the thing. It was like a really dark shadow that shouldn’t have been there, suddenly was and this thing was either trying to retreat back into it or being forced back

She couldn’t hold on anymore. She was pulled in with it.

Then we were back in front of the cabin.
The boss was standing over us. His told us that we were successful and that the ability to teleport was now passed to Fell as she would be Wolf’s replacement. Then he left.

I was in shock. When I came back to my senses I heard Fell crying. I went over to where she had curled up on the ground and hugged her until she let me help her get up. We picked Whelp up, who was out cold and went limping inside. I realized then that Fell was cut up pretty bad and the places where I had been hit from the spray of the shotgun blast were catching up to me. I think I must have passed out. When I woke up, my wounds had been taken care of. I checked in on Fell who was in her and Wolf’s room, sitting on the floor by the bed. When I asked her if she needed anything, she just looked at me, her tears still flowing. So I left to check on Whelp who was crashed out on the cot where Monster used to sleep. His old blanket was lying on the floor. Instead, she was covered by this other black blanket.

Since then, I’ve been doing my best to be there for both of them. As far as I’m concerned, while the kid’s here she’s one of us. I’m not going to hold grudges against her for what that fucked up cult did. At least she’s starting to come around and was able to write a post. At least that’s something. Fell, on the other hand has just shut down. She won’t talk to me and she barely eats or sleeps and is looking worse every day.     


  1. Get her in shape as fast as you can, I know you are trying, but you must try harder, time is ticking my friends, you have a mission to fulfill, all three of you.

    1. Wolf didn't tell me about any mission, but then again, she didn't tell me that she was going to die either.

      Also, I knew her well enough to know that she didn't do shit for no reason.

      So, okay Kelevra, I'll treat this as if you're right.