Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Ah, my favorite holiday. Glad I got to celebrate it once more.
Went to the Halloween festival on Saturday and had a great time. It was wonderful to see all the different costumes people were wearing. I especially liked the day of the dead calavera style makeup that I saw a few people with.

Love dancing with Fell and that’s exactly what we did for most of the evening at one of the clubs. Had an interesting conversation with a man, at one point. We were at the bar so Fell could get a drink when he drunkenly sauntered over. Apparently he liked what we were wearing. I was dressed in cybergoth style and Fell was dressed as rule 63 sexy Jesus. He asked about the “wires” in my skin- assuming them to be part of the costume. I told him that they were part of some sub-dermal body modification. He grinned and pulled up his sleeve; showing off some work that he had done. There was a scar band around his wrist where he had removed some flesh. Then he pointed out the implanted stars under his skin. They were indeed quite lovely. Pointing to the horns that were affixed to his forehead, he said he’d like to get something like that implanted eventually; going on about how much he loved the idea of treating his own body like a canvas- a work of art in progress. I could not help but smile under the surgical mask I wore; feeling the urge to help him in this regard. However, I did not want to ruin the vision he had for himself and I was determined to keep the fun non-violent on this night. Fortunately, his friends showed up and distracted him long enough for me to take my leave. By this time, Hart had long since disappeared, so we looked around to see where he had gone. Found him outside behind the bar with a woman. Not wanting to interrupt, we wandered around the street, admiring the other costumes- from the three headed nun, to the various video game characters, to the one guy who was dressed as Ritter. There was one person who was dancing with flaming batons, so we had stopped to enjoy her performance when someone called out to Fell, making a crude reference to wood and getting nailed. She told him to get on his knees and worship her ass. I pulled her back into the crowd before things could escalate. We met up with Hart, staggering along and adjusting the Venetian domino mask he had borrowed from me. He grinned sheepishly as we teased him. “It’s alright my son. I forgive you” Fell said, with her arms extended in that palms up position one often sees saints and angels depicted with. We had a good laugh and I brought us home.

Tonight, we find ourselves in the midst of a candy fueled horror marathon, including The Conjuring, Sinister, The Lords of Salem and The Exorcist. This is made even more enjoyable by the fact that Roy has come for a visit once more. The poor dear seemed like he could use some time away from it all, so I picked him up earlier this evening. I can tell that something troubles him and we do have much to discuss, but not tonight. Tonight, we are celebrating.      

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