Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oh Carmine

Such a vain little pretty boy. So proud of that lovely face of yours. You are fortunate to be in such good hands. With a few careful cuts I have made you look even better.

You didn’t seem to like what I was doing at first when I propped you up and made you look at your reflection, but look at you now- smiling from ear to ear. Haha oh that smile certainly made things interesting when I cut out your tongue and took your remaining teeth. You never had anything intelligent to say, so I figured you wouldn’t miss them.

Don’t worry about your nose, dear. Without it, one can now focus on the beauty of your remaining eye. And your hair? That will grow back eventually, once your scalp has healed up a bit. I wonder if I could keep you alive that long…

Anyway, with the pieces I’ve taken, you look sort of patchwork… 
like a big doll

Personally, I think it goes well with the cuts and stitching on your chest and stomach   

You agree right? Yes, that was a nod. There’s a good boy. I knew you would come around eventually.

Not too difficult to break someone down when you understand them; when you know just what pieces to strip away to make them more malleable. You’re a simple creature Carmine- one that was easy to dissect. Heh… and you said you had nothing to learn.

Oh… about your arms… You’ll get them back soon


  1. Ooo ooo ooo give him a Glasgow smile!

    1. Oh yes, that's exactly what I did, my dear. As I said, he is smiling from ear to ear.

      Heh... Despite my hatred towards him, it's nice to have been able to make him so happy. Must still have a soft streak somewhere within me, I suppose

    2. Woohooooo! You are awesome Ms. Wolf!!!

  2. Wonderful Ms.Wolf, simply enchanting!