Monday, February 11, 2013

Um Hi…

“Wolfie” said I should tell whoever you people are a bit about myself, so I'm borrowing her account for a minute to do that.

My name used to be Actaeon, but now it is apparently Hart
I’m a confused and frightened man, trapped in the middle of nowhere with two crazy bitches.

I’m 23 years old and I’ve lived on the Island all my life. I got into this situation thanks to an accident.

Growing up me and my old man didn’t see eye to eye if you get what I mean, so as soon as I was done high school, I was gone. Thing is, the rock isn’t exactly the land of opportunity, so I had to do a lot of odd jobs to get by and not all of them were legal or safe. I got hurt and ended up going to that fucking doctor who prescribed me something for the pain. I never should have taken those pills, but I did and I got hooked and my life went to hell.  During one of the highs, I saw the tall guy. I just thought I was hallucinating at first, but no, no I wasn’t. Seeing him again when I was sober proved that.

Slendy was going to kill me, but I begged him not to (Shut up, you would have done the same thing if you were cornered) I told him I’d do whatever he wanted. He led me to two other proxies on the west coast: Osprey and Falcon. I was supposed to do the leg work in finding out where certain people were, then they would take care of the rest. Working with those guys actually forced me to clean up. I knew that if I fucked up, it would be over for me so I couldn’t risk getting high. It’s weird to think that the tall guy has been good for my health in a way.

Anyway, I don’t know what happened to those two. All I know is that one day they didn’t come back and I got stuck here.  

I guess I might as well tell you about my old name too. When I started working with the faceless wonder, I took the name Actaeon because I could relate to the story. Actaeon was a guy that was screwed over because saw something that he didn’t go looking to see. Apparently, KnitWolf was familiar with that story so she gave me this new name, I’m guessing as a joke. She’s a funny one, that KnitWolf. Subtle too. Like a sledgehammer to the face. Or maybe more like a crowbar, right Fell? 


  1. Oh haha fucking comedian. It was your stupid fucking screw up that got me hurt. Let's see how funny you are now

    1. I can't believe you! You threw a knife at my head you psycho bitch!!

  2. Hahaha Fuck off and stop whining you pussy it was nowhere close

  3. Children, please!

    Fell as I said, stop throwing knives at Hart or I will take them from you.

    Hart, don’t antagonize Fell. I let you keep that crowbar, but you will lose it if you use it to mock Fell. I’m repeating myself here because you two have decided to broadcast your immature bickering in the comments. I would also like to add that if you keep acting like deranged five year olds, I will treat you as such by taking away your internet privileges and sending you both to your rooms.