Sunday, February 17, 2013

Story Time 7

Once upon a time, there was a little girl and a wolf whose paths crossed in the forest. The little girl wanted revenge but lacked the strength to act alone and so made offerings to the wolf. The wolf accepted and helped the girl in getting the vengeance that she sought. 

Since that fateful day, the wolf and the girl lived in relative harmony with each other, as the girl kept the wolf fed and the wolf protected the girl and allowed her to do that which kept her alive. One day however things began to change. The wolf’s appetite began to grow; the increased demand wearing on the girl. The girl continued on, in spite of the wolf’s growing hunger until something went wrong. She was told that someone she loved was dead. This caused a conflicted despair within her which, coupled with the wear that she was already experiencing, broke the girl down. The wolf, still hungry and sensing that the girl was becoming useless, seized the opportunity and gobbled her up.

She remained silently trapped within the wolf’s belly, her feeble struggles barely noticed until another of importance to her was hurt. The wolf was concerned with its own bloody appetites and would be of no help, so the girl- now motivated by the plight of another- clawed her way out of the wolf’s blood glutted stomach to go to her aid.

The girl was successful but the previous harmony in which she existed with the wolf was lost. It was now replaced with a constant conflict…

The wolf…
The girl…

I don’t know how this one ends yet



  1. Hmmm...maybe it's not meant to have an end. I don't know, I haven't been thinking clearly lately.

    Oh well.

    How's Fell?


    1. Every story has an end, Raggedy, this one is just not clear yet

      Fell seems to be recovering nicely. Heh... she's well enough to taunt Hart anyway