Sunday, January 27, 2013


The Wolf has been giving me so much attention. She has cooked so many yummy things for me. I got plenty of my favorite snack food here too. She makes sure I’m warm and comfortable. She tells me stories to pass the time like the one of Cinderella and how her stepsisters cut their feet to force them into that fucking slipper or the one about the guy who has death as a godfather. My favorite is when she tells me about Little Red Riding Hood because that’s her story and there’s a light in her eyes when she tells it and it’s never the same.  She has helped me clean myself up when I need it. She was so gentle n she sang softly to me. Hehe she’s not the best singre but I like it. It’s a fuckload better than the Tailor’s singing. It reminds me of when she brought me here first and worked so hard to save me from my old life. The Wolf has done so much for me and I feel like for once I was really able to serve my purpose and help her. I’m so happy  


  1. I find all of this rather moving.

    - Raggedy

  2. Aw Raggzy
    The Wolf can be so sweet