Saturday, September 1, 2012

I just gotta start by saying

that I still can’t believe that stupid bitch boy actually passed out when we brought him here. Well isn’t that just fucking typical. A guy spends all night bragging but when it’s time for him to actually perform, the fucker passes out

Well that cock swill won’t be doing anymore bragging or saying much of anything at all after what the Wolf did to him huh?

Anyways you cunts already heard that so I’ll tell ya about the shit I did to that jizz monkey on my own. I pulled that fucker’s fingernails out. I knew what it felt like to have that shit done to me, I wanted to know what it was like to do it to someone else.

After I pulled the first one, he started screaming so I shut him up by covering his nose and mouth. I fucking love the look people get when they can’t breathe. When I let go, he was too busy trying to breathe to start bitching again right away. Then I did it again. I’d never smother him long enough for him to pass out, just long enough to make him really fucking uncomfortable. He got the idea after a while and tried not to scream but he always did, I made sure of that. I didn’t want to end up killing him by mistake, so I left it at that

Since then we’ve pretty much left the shit sucker alone, though the Wolf did cut him a bit earlier. She tasted his blood. I think she’s planning something for him. I’d like to try taking his eyes. I hate the way he was looking at the Wolf at the club. Fucking pervert. I hope the Wolf lets me do it.

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