Thursday, August 30, 2012


Oh we’ve been having such fun with our new guest.

You know, he had the most interesting scent. He smelled like the inside of a new age shop- like a blend of herbs. It was rather intoxicating.

You’ll notice I used the past tense for that, as he now smells like blood vomit and piss

He also had these crooked pointy little teeth that just fascinated me. I’m holding one right now. After my last post, I decided to make him more comfortable. Bound him tight to a chair. He didn’t put up much struggle. Too sore from being bound and unconscious on the floor for so long I guess. He put up considerably more of a fight when I went to work on his mouth, not that it helped him much. Pulled a few of the lovely little pearly whites despite his efforts. Also took Cat’s switchblade and made some cuts on his gums, cheeks and palate. He screamed wonderfully

It was then that I realised how thoughtless I had been, for our dear guest was hungover and must surely be thirsty. So I went to brew some tea. His screams were suddenly renewed, but I didn’t have to look to see why. Ritter had made an appearance. He watched as I returned with the hot tea and proceeded to pour it into Gary’s mouth. Guess it was too hot for the poor dear as he spluttered and strained against his bindings. Thought he would tip himself over, so I decided to cool him back down. Got Fell to fetch him some nice cold lemonade, which was then poured into his mouth, followed by more tea, then more lemonade. I tell you I just could not seem to find that happy medium between hot and cold. I felt like such a terrible host. 

Fortunately Fell was there to help the situation by hugging him until his choking and screaming were reduced to whimpers. They looked so cute together so I had her help me get him out of the chair for some more dancing. Gary didn’t seem to want to, but Fell was able to convince him. She held a knife to his neck and they slowly began moving. I thought it was only fair, as he had danced with me before. Ritter’s song conveyed his enjoyment of the show and I provided the music to their dancing by doing my best to sing along. I began to dance around Ritter while singing. He reached out a hand. I felt the freezing burn of his fingers around my throat. I laughed as I felt a mixture of pain and euphoria rush through me. He let me go and I bowed to him then let out a howl of joy. Then I rushed toward Gary and Fell, knocked Gary down and laughed as I started to kick him. Fell and I were soon doing a wild dance of our own all over him, laughing and singing all the while. We didn’t kill him though. Oh no. We danced on him until he pissed himself, but we didn’t kill him.

Forced him back into the chair and secured him there. Let him rest

Didn’t want to end the fun too soon hehe

The next day, I let Fell play with him on her own. Hmm I think I’ll let her tell you about that herself

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