Wednesday, September 5, 2012


September 3 was something of a special day for me. It marked a year since I took my revenge.

Feels so odd.

Never thought I was going to make it this far. Never thought I’d do the things I did since or feel the way I felt…

Had a nightmare about them a few weeks ago… that was what was playing on my mind… making me feel vulnerable

I spoke to Sunshine about it and he helped to silence their voices- the bad memories and remnants of a dream that. haunted my mind

Even after a year, I’m still happy that I chose this path. Happy they are dead

I’m also glad for the experiences I’ve had since and the people I have come to know

But… I suppose what you really want to know is what became of our guest.

Well my blood thirsty friends, aside from my quiet contemplations, I decided to prepare a special meal for that day- a celebration dinner

Back when I was torturing Fell, I resisted doing this, but it’s been a curiosity in the back of my mind since.

I cut our meal from his arms, being careful to stop the bleeding and keep him alive. Then I prepared a marinade to help make it tender. I figured that was the best way to prepare it since I’ve often heard that if an animal is distressed, the meat will be tougher and the animal in question here was certainly distressed hahaha

After letting the meat marinate for a while, I stir fried it and served it up with some steamed vegetables and rice.

We moved Gary over to the table so he could join us for the meal, though he apparently wasn’t hungry. He screamed at first but his screams soon became despairing moans. He threatened to faint but Fell threw a glass of cold water in his face, which brought him back  

As for the meal itself, it was quite nice. I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘long pig’ and the comparison to pork in flavour. Perhaps it was just the way I cooked it, but while there was some similarity in texture, I can’t ever imagine confusing one for the other

Oh Gary, when you met me at the club you probably thought I was so soft. Turns out, you were pretty tender yourself

After we had finished our meal, we decided to finish our fun with him. Fell said she wanted his eyes, so I let her have them. She took Cat’s switchblade and stuck it into his right eye, then she sliced at his left. After that, it seemed to barely register with him when I stabbed him in the stomach. I still managed to make him flinch when I twisted the knife though. I then pulled the blade out and stabbed him until blood loss or shock took him from me, I’m not sure which

That’s it for now I guess. I’ll continue down this path I’m on and see where it leads


  1. Oh sweet wolfie.
    You better call 911.
    Your boyfriend is in horrid shape.


    When will they learn they can't get the best of us.

    How much blood can a human body lose before it dies?


    Sweet dreams!


    1. So you're still alive...
      What did you do to him sweet Penelope?