Monday, June 11, 2012


I failed him
I failed him
I failed Him

Mind is fuzzy again I remember only Him not what came before I remember He reached out He touched me and everything burned His song started to overpower my mind and I knew if I kept going I would be gone inside
His song is louder
Heh the burn itches

The burn

Had a dream in the silence I dreamt that I was fighting with Sunshine I dreamt that he had a knife and I had a knife but I lost my knife and then he was pinning me to the floor about to bring his knife down on me but I had hold of him trying to stop him but I didn’t want to but I kept fighting
I must be dreaming
My chest felt like it was on fire

It was a dream I think it was Please let that be a dream
Please stop screaming


Feel like I’ve been drowning Feel like I am drowning in Ritter in my mind   
Und das Atmen fällt mir ach so schwer

Fell has been keeping vigil when not assisting Cat
Good girl

Can’t stop though Can’t fall apart
without you everything falls apart

Need to keep going I have to be strong and protect Cat and the little one I have to try For whatever it’s worth Whatever I can do I have to try
don't take it away from me
I need someone to hold on to

I need to patch that doll


  1. Shh, just a dream. we'll make a Michael's run later to get you some perfect patching supplies. <3

    1. Thank you Cat that sounds like a good idea

  2. thats a dumb ass attempt at comfort. could you come up with anything stupider?

    1. Cat knows me well enough to know what will help and I appreciate it Likewise I am trying my best to help her too