Saturday, June 23, 2012

Girly Time

I think we needed to get out of the apartment for a while, if for nothing else then for the distraction. 

So this morning we got up and headed out to Michael’s to stock up on crafting supplies. I got my patching materials, Cat got some more yarn and Sammi and Fell spent the whole time playing with those little rubber animal figures that Michael’s always has on hand. It was hilarious looking for supplies while hearing

“Look out! It’s a wild red panda. They’re well known for being annoying cunts! ‘Mwahaha I think I’m tough shit! Bleeh!’”


“Yeah? Well I’m a tiger and Imma nom you now! RAAR!”

In the background while we got what we needed

After Michael’s, we made our way over to another area of the city where we could wander around while waiting for our appointments. We were strolling around for a bit; just chatting and enjoying being out when we happened by an antique store… Ranallo’s I believe it was called. I tend to find places like that interesting, so I suggested we go in. The front of the store was displayed mostly jewelry which I passed by rather quickly. The back of the store was much more interesting. It was darker and dingier here, as if a line had been drawn down the store, separating this from the bright and shiny front. I soon found myself engrossed in looking at shelves of old books, tea cups. Fell followed close, though she seemed uninterested in any of the trinkets on display. Cat sort of aimlessly drifted around the store while Sammi looked like she was trying very hard not to facepalm over the knock-knock jokes the guy behind the counter was telling her in an attempt at small talk

Fell and I soon wandered upstairs to the second floor, where there were antique toys scattered amid old uniforms and bottles. My eyes fell upon, what I thought was a stuffed toy of a panther, but revealed itself to be a large grumpy black cat. It watched, as if it were judging us as we explored the room. I noticed Fell’s interest perk up at something on one of the many cluttered shelves. An old composition doll had caught her attention and I could understand why. The doll was damaged, but the damage had created the most fascinating pattern over its face, arms and legs, giving it an almost scarred appearance. The hair was gone and the colour of the eyes had chipped and worn down to a green, almost grey shade. The doll sort of reminded me of Fell, somehow. Since it seemed fitting and since Fell seemed to like it. I gently picked it up and carried it downstairs to the checkout. That guy was still trying to impress Sammi with his brand of humor. Even the old lady who ran the checkout was rolling her eyes. I bought the doll and Sammi ran for the door, soon followed by the rest of us. I then gave the doll to Fell which made her smile. I wanted to do that much at least, since Fell has done so well and has been good about watching over Cat and then me

At this point it was getting close to the time for our appointments so we headed to the salon.
It was nice to finally get a trim, though the hair dresser seemed to be having some trouble managing the tangled curly mess my hair had become. I got a few red streaks put through my hair and Fell, of course got


Heh… Thank you Fell. Yes, her hair is now blue and it looks quite good like that
Cat and Sammi are looking good too

Cat seemed to perk up a bit after the trim too

From there, we set about clothes shopping.
I hate clothes shopping but Fell desperately needed some clothes of her own as what she borrowed from me did not fit that well so it had to be done. She ended up getting some cargo pants, a few shirts, a mini skirt and some leggings and a new pair of sneakers

By this time, Cat was starving and threatening violence if we didn’t get something to eat soon so we thought it best to seek out a restaurant so as to avoid incurring her pregnant wrath. We wound up going to The Cheesecake Factory. I had the caramel chicken which was spicy and oh so tasty. Fell had the pulled pork sandwich which she said was good. Then came the dessert. Oh dear god the dessert. I had the chocolate bar cheesecake which was

A giant fucking chocolate orgasm on a plate?

Something like that…. It was both chocolate cake and cheesecake with chocolate icing and chocolate chips. I suspect that I may now be diabetic. Fell had the cocoa coffee cheesecake

Yumyumyum so good <3

There was so much food. I think I put on a few pounds from that meal alone. And we both have leftovers. I don’t think I’m going to have to eat again for a week
It was nice… nice to get out and have some fun, to be able to set aside my concerns, if only for a little while.               


  1. The food sounds exquisite. Hello, I am Sean! *Holds out a virtual hand to shake*. :D

    1. It was indeed. Hello Sean, I am KnitWolf. *shakes virtual hand*

  2. Hey Sean, I'm Fell. Nice to fucking meet you :D

  3. Ah, Cheesecake Factory *drools*

    1. Heh That's an appropriate reaction