Friday, June 8, 2012

Holy Fuck

The Wolf is back
She appeared in the living room looking like she’d been through hell and crumpled into a corner.
Before we could do anything, the Tailor showed up. He was holding that doll she made of that “Sunshine” guy. He stood over her for a minute, then stuck one of his tentacles into the doll and ripped the fucking thing open before flinging it at her. She stared up at him then bowed her head.
The Tailor turned away from her and left. I swear I heard him laugh.

Me and Sammi were in the room when it happened and went to her as soon as he left
The others came in when they heard the commotion. The Wolf just picked up the doll and mumbled about patching it to keep it from unravelling. I told her to forget the fucking doll and asked if she was okay. She didn’t answer. She just looked at me. Sammi pointed out that she was bleeding. Her nose was bleeding as it usually does when she teleports but Sammi was pointing at a blood soaked rip in her shirt. We got her to put down the doll long enough for me to slip off her coat and I lifted her shirt to get a look at the wound. The operator symbol scar on her chest was bleeding but the blood looked black. Fuck, the whole scar looked black like it was burned. Sammi got the first aid kit. I did my best to clean the Wolf up and bandage her. She quietly stared off into space while I did it.      

We asked what happened but she only apologized to all of us then asked for her laptop. I gave it to her. She typed up that last post then zoned out completely. She hasn’t moved from that corner. We gave her a pillow and wrapped a blanket around her shoulders to make her more comfortable but I don’t know if she noticed. She’s been hanging on to the laptop since typing that post but she let me take it from her to write this. 

Come on Wolf, snap out of it! We need you here, not off in the fucking land of mind-not-found!


  1. Stupid child you think you can help her? Weak child for needing her. Arrogant child you think she needs you?

  2. I'm not stupid or arrogant. She wasn't exactly up to taking care of herself for a little while there so yeah, I think she needed me and I helped her, you cunt.