Saturday, September 10, 2011

What happened last week plus a small rant

Okay… I’ve taken the last few days to sort myself out, take care of a few things and collect my thoughts… Now I think it’s time I let you in on what happened after I made that might-not-be-coming-back post last week. Before I do that though, I need to get a little something off my chest…  It seems that in this little war of ours, those who work for Slendy are often assumed to be the “bad guys”, poor souls who either need to be put down or be reformed so that they can be one of the “good guys”, the brave runners and fighters. You know, we proxies could become better people like Zero, who bravely killed proxy and runner alike because he thought he could make a weapon out of their bones, or KK, the drug addict who is apparently currently in the middle of a glorious murderous rampage, or maybe we could even be like that runner who heroically left Poe to die. Before anyone accuses me of being a hypocrite, no, I don’t think I’m any better than they are. I know what I am. I’m just pointing out the foolishness of the prevalent assumption that they are somehow inherently better than we are because they chose a different side. It’s not the violence that hurts most, it’s the hypocrisy hahaha… Anyway, I’ve touched on this sort of thing before... It just gets to me every now and then.

Anyway, I’ve kept you in suspense long enough, so here it is

After I finished writing my fond farewells here, I put on my mask (the stitched one I mentioned here), picked up my knife and followed my dear employer out of my room. Upon stepping through the door, I found myself in the house of those who hurt me. More specifically, I found myself alone in their basement. The memories of being locked into this cold dark room came rushing to my mind. I could almost hear the cries of my younger self echoing off the walls. My anger burned inside me and the headache and stomach pains returned in full force.

The basement door opened as I made my way up the stairs

I cautiously made my way through the house. I had almost reached their room when the screams started. Peering in through the open door, I saw Slendy with them. He had one held in his tendrils, while easily fending off the other’s vain attempts at rescue. I quickly closed the distance between myself and the would-be rescuer. I don’t know if he turned because he realized that I was there or because he had decided to run, but he did it too late. Before he could react I slammed the knife into him, stabbing him just under the sternum.  In that moment, I saw his expression make a glorious change from shock to realization and renewed horror. He knew who was behind the mask. He started to say my name but was cut off as I tore the knife back out of him, the blade snapping as I did. Cursing myself, but refusing to be stopped by a broken knife I followed him to the floor and, summoning a strength I did not know I had, proceeded to use the metal handle to beat him.   

As I brought the handle down upon him, I heard the slender man singing. He sang as he began to run his tendrils through the one he held. Horrific screams and angelic voices flowed together to make the beautiful terrible song that filled my mind. I added my own voice to it as I struck again and again until the light went out of his eyes.        

I stood up from my work and looked at my employer. The one he held was well dead, run through countless times by his tendrils. A satisfyingly gruesome end for her. We stared silently at each other for a moment, as I wondered what would happen next. In an instant, more of those tendrils shot towards me, taking the knife handle, wrapping around my middle and lifting me up like a doll. The touch of the tendrils was so cold it burned me through my clothes as He pulled me to Him. I couldn’t help but wonder how many pieces the locals would find me in as I felt the tendrils tightening around me, forcing the air from my lungs. My arms were still free so I threw them around his neck in an embrace. I was satisfied with the revenge and if this was to be my end, then I would face it with dignity and be satisfied with that as well. My last coherent thought was of you Sunshine. 

I read once that there is a theory that when an animal is constricted by a snake, it may go into cardiac arrest due to the pressure from the constriction. I can believe that, as my heart felt like it was going to explode in this freezing, burning, asphyxiating embrace. I heard his song again as my vision started to blur and tunnel. The pretty lights that had appeared before my eyes in the depths of my sleep deprivation returned to me once more. My arms slipped from around his neck and I got a sensation of sinking and drifting as everything went black.

I was jolted back to consciousness when I hit the floor of my room. I gasped, pulled off the mask and started coughing, noticing the blood that came to my lips. There was nothing I could reasonably do about that however, so I cleaned myself up and dragged myself to a nearby 24 hour convenience store. Making sure to be picked up by the security cameras, I bought some candy, returned home and collapsed into bed.           

I found out the next day that their house had burned down.


  1. You know, the rant you had made me a remember a few I've made myself on the very same subject. I'm happy to see I'm not the only one that sees the awful nature of some of the Runners.

    I am happy you are alive, and home mostly safe.

  2. Yes, I've noticed those rants. I'm glad you see it too.

    Thank you Brightsky

  3. We all have our flaws. The important thing is recognizing them and working to get past them. ;)

    Father didn't mean to hurt you KW. You had to die a little to be reborn into the family. That's all. If he wanted you dead, you would have been burned up too.

  4. I don't know Ty... I think he did want to hurt me. I suspect that it was either some kind of a test or a demonstration of power. I do agree that if he wanted to kill me, I'd be dead right now and I do feel that this has been a rebirth. I guess that the dream I mentioned was prophetic. Also, if this was a test, I suppose this means I passed and he still has further use for me.

    So you think of me as part of the family even though my induction into it has been so different from yours and I'm so casual and joking about it and about Him?

  5. Oh yes :) Father took your soul from your body so that he could add a little of his own and make you one of his children, one of the Family. Then he put it back in place. Something similar happened to me before I was taken to Inquisitor. If it was important for you to remember who you had been, you would have been brought to us. Or if you begin to display unusual talents, you might still come to us for instruction if you need it.