Sunday, September 11, 2011


Lately there seems to be some curiosity over why my mask isn't that of a wolf, so I figured I'd put up this post to explain a little.

I have made a wolf mask before, just for fun, but it came out rather bulky and unwearable, so I kept it as part of my collection for a while. You can actually see part of it in the background of one of the pictures I posted...I thought about making another, but there are a few reasons why I don't. One is that I don't want to be stealing the Big Bad Wolf's thunder. Another is that I figured the snout of the wolf mask would be too easy to grab hold of in a fight.

Also, while my name represents some aspects of who I am, my mask represents others. My mask, like my name, is an expression of my craft but it also represents vengeance and struggle. Those who hurt me wanted me to be like a doll: Silent, always smiling (regardless of what they did to me), perfectly feminine, perfectly Christian, and willing to accept and agree with any opinions or prejudices that they fed me. The mask was a bit of ironic punishment in that regard.

The mask, by being stitched, also represents the struggle and change that I went through to get here. It represents my ripping apart of my old passive, weaker self to create a new aggressive, stronger self...

Since I accomplished what I set out to do, it has also become something of a badge of honor



  1. How did I not see this? I'm leaving soon, but I wanted you to know..

    You help me to fly, in ways that don't have to do with romantics or drugs. Just, ah.. don't go wearing that badge of honor 'round these parts.

    I'll miss ya, among others. Be careful, love.

  2. I'm glad I could help you.
    Fly away to your haven and be careful

    I'll miss you too, love.