Monday, June 9, 2014

5 8 11


  1. . . .this just isn't fucking funny. Not in the goddamn least. 5 8 11? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Is it code, is it a reference to a book or the bible or....fuck I don't know. Well, whoever this is needs to just fucking stop already.

  2. Is it a date?

    Because I don't know what country they're from, so I don't know what order the numbers are in for day month and year.

  3. Humoring this shit for a minute, if it’s a date then it would be either May 8, 2011 or August 5, 2011. Looking back through, I found this post that she made on August 5th

    The blog didn’t exist before June that year, so I’m thinking that this hacker is trying to look cryptic and mysterious by leading us to a random blog post, if they even put that much thought into it. It could just be random numbers that don’t mean anything. All I know is that this shit still isn’t funny

  4. Why the fuck even dignify this bullshit by trying to figure out the meaning?

    Whoever this is, just fucking stop. You’re not fooling anyone. We saw the Wolf die.

    Besides, even if she did somehow survive, why the fuck would she bother with this mystery crap? Why wouldn’t she just let us know that she was okay instead of fucking around like this?

    So no, you’re not fucking convincing anyone. You’re not even making me mad anymore. I’m numb to it, so you’re just wasting your own time

  5. I thought the cryptic bullshit tactic was abandoned long ago. Guess some people never learn, I can just imagine some Grandpa behind the PC Screen doing this shit, wouldn't that be funny?

    1. The cryptic bullshit tactic is an ancient tradition spanning thousands of years. Do not think it will break so easily, boy.