Thursday, May 15, 2014

Story Time

Once upon a time there was a wolf and a girl who lived in the forest together and cared deeply for each other. Unfortunately, the people that lived in the town on the border of the forest did not care for them, for the wolf had satisfied her hunger with the blood of several of their number. So each day the townsfolk would scream their curses into the forest, threatening vengeance upon the wolf and the girl. Knowing that they would one day act on their threats the wolf prepared herself. When the time came, the wolf attacked the town. She killed all yet was herself killed, leaving the girl all alone

You know what? Fuck this. I tried. I can’t do it. I can’t be the Wolf. I can't even come close

But since most of you have decided I’m a piece of shit anyway what the fuck does it even matter. None of you fuckers know me

Like I said I’m doing what the fuck I gotta do

If thts not good enough for all your fuckin high standard asses then too fucking bad

And Kelevra, how fuck the far up your own ass are you? I remember that fucking conversation. Funny you should brng that up since at that point you were all like “slave to the Wolf lolololol” and now that she’s dead you’re falling the fuck over yourself to tell me how much I suck for not doing what she wanted. Make up your fuking mind  

Fuckin think you would be any fucking diferent if Fortisiwhatever the fuck her name is was taken from you and you survived? Bullshit!

Sanna, thanks for the offer but what is there to takl about? I’m doing all I can. I’m just not as strong as the Wolf was. I’ll nevr be. Ican't even come close

Wolf why didn’t you let me die with you? I was spposedto protect you and now your gone. I love you. I miss you. I even miss the way you used to cut me. I’m sorry I’m so sorry I’m not what you said I was. I cant do this on my own


  1. Fell, no one is asking you to be Wolf and you’re not alone. You’re drunk. Please open the door

    1. Please, I’m trying to help you and you’re scaring me. I’m afraid you’re going to kill yourself and I don’t want you to die. As your friend I am begging you to please just open the door and talk to me.

    2. Leave me the fuck alone

    3. No. I’m tired of this shit. You’ve had your time and your space and look what good it did. Do you think this is what Wolf would want you to be doing? No, she wanted you to move on and you’re not doing it.

    4. I know what the Wolf wanted! Since the fuckin first night she brought me here I lived exactly the way she fucking wanted. Whathe fuck about what I wanted? All I wanted wa to be with her for the rest of my life but then she died and she knew she was going to. So I’m oh so fckig sorry that I can’t just go on like nothing happened

    5. Do you know how selfish and stupid you’re being right now? Wolf cared about me and loved you! She went willingly to her death at least in part to protect us and all you can think about is yourself and your loss? Fuck you! Aside from being disrespectful to Wolf, don’t you understand that you’re not the only one left here? That you’re not the only one who’s lost someone? I’ve been trying my best to keep it together here! I’ve tried to be there for you and help you even though you keep shitting on me for it. I’ve been training the kid while trying to help her cope with all this and handling all the cooking and cleaning! What the fuck have you been doing aside from being a puppet for the boss? Oh yeah, turning into a pathetic drunk, that’s what!

    6. Jesus fuck you sound like Kelevra. Yeah you been traing the kid while I’ve been foing on missions. Pretty ficking even if you ask me. You don even like killing so shut the fuck uo before I have to make you shut up. How the fuck you think you can juge me anyway go back to cramming hillbilly heroin

    7. Oh okay, we’re going there huh? Okay, fine, yeah I used to have a problem but I got clean. When I look back at myself at that point I feel disgusted, just like I feel right now talking to you. And don’t start threatening me again because you don’t like the truth. What are you even going to do right now? Kick my ass? I’m used to that but even if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be worried because you’re blasted. Do you even realize the position that you’re putting us all in? You brought up Kelevra, so let’s talk about him. He got in here before. If he can, then others probably can too. What the fuck would you do if he or someone else saw your post and decided to take advantage of your state and bust in here?

    8. I’d fuckin fight I guess. Do the Wolf’s plan

    9. Bullshit you would! You’d fall on your stupid drunk ass and die like an idiot and me and the kid would be left with no escape! Don’t you get it? If you die WE DIE! Don't you care at all? I said before I would die to protect you because you’re my friend and that hasn’t changed but please don’t ask me to die for the sake of your stupidity!

    10. Think I cant fight like this? Fine motherfucker, I’l come out there and show you the difrence

    11. Good! It'll be more productive than anything else you've been doing

    12. Well? Come on bitch! Where's that ass-kicking you promised? I'm not letting this go until you open that door and if you don't then I'll break it the fuck down

    13. So, who kicked who's ass? The latest post, is kind of vague.

      Harty, you used to be a druggie? Something I'd never expect out of you, also, I dig the new attitude you have, at least someone's growing up.

      Hey, Harty, that is a good point you addressed, maybe I should drop in, give an example of how everybody can suffer because of her, so how about it Harty? Mind losing an arm? Maybe a leg? Or if you have any other body part in mind, just let me know.

    14. If you disturb them, Kelevra, I will dip your ballsack in permanent neon paint while you sleep and you'll wake up with UV Yellow balls and you will not be happy.


      I don’t give a fuck anymore, dude. It’s not like I could stop you if you decided to show up. But if you’re going to take anything then how about you take my middle finger and ram it up your ass.

      And yeah, I used to be a druggie. I mentioned that before but it’s not exactly something that I like to talk about a lot. I got clean because I had to.

      As for my attitude, I’ve changed because I had to. I didn’t like saying all that shit to Fell but I had to so that she would attack me instead of killing herself. I took a beat down for it but it had to be done because it let me do what I had to do