Sunday, January 5, 2014

Late Xmas post

Since some of you are getting all excited in the fucking comments I thought now would be a good time to make a Xmas post. I know it's fucking late, that's why I called it that in the title so shut up.

I hope all you dolphin rimmers had a fucking delightful holiday. We had a great one here. Way the fuck better than last time. We even had a tree to decorate. It was so tiny and scraggly that Charlie Brown would probably laugh his ass off at it but we still had fun making some decorations to stick on it.

The Wolf baked some shortbread cookies and molasses cookies. I helped. She’s been trying to teach me how to cook again. I’m doing my best to learn. I still fucking suck at it, but at least nothing was on fire this time.   

She gave me a present when I woke up Xmas morning. It was a necklace made to look like Auryn from The NeverEnding Story. I gave her a doll that I had made for her. It was a white wolf. It’s the first doll that I’ve made that I thought was good enough. The Wolf liked it way more than I thought she would. When she saw it she thanked me, started to cry and gave me a hug.

We gave Hart a real mask to replace that cheap ass bandana. It looks like a deer face. We also got him an old computer game called Phantasmagoria. He seemed pretty happy with that. He gave me some old Goosebumps books. Fucking great nostalgia! He gave the Wolf a copy of the Satanic Bible as a joke about her being called a demon. She did her best evil laugh and Skein came out to make horns on her head. We got some new clothes for Roy too, since what he had was in shit shape.

Carmine got a Xmas present too. The Wolf let the stupid shit die. She fucking slowly impaled what was left of him on that thing he had made for her. She stared him in the face the whole time, watching the light go out. She looked so peaceful. It was fucking beautiful.    

New Year’s Eve was alright too. We went out and watched the fireworks. The Wolf held me close as we watched. She’s been spending so much time with me, taking me out on dates. We went out to a museum and then to dinner a few weeks ago. The museum was pretty cool. I liked the rooms that were dedicated to the plants and animals the best. I didn’t know there were actually wolves here once. The Wolf explained what happened to them as we looked at the preserved one that they had on display.

The restaurant we went to after wasn’t so cool. The waiter who served us was a fucking asshole. I think he was weirded out by the Wolf’s appearance, even tho Skein was mostly hidden by her clothes and hair. We didn’t let that prick ruin our night. After we left, we walked for a bit until the Wolf pulled me into an alley. The next thing I knew, I was being held in her arms as she used Skein to lift us up to the roof of one of the buildings. We sat there for a while, looking up at the stars. It was cold, but cuddled close to the Wolf, with her arms and Skein wrapped around me I felt warm.

Coughing coming from the alley below made her let me go for a minute.  The asshole was down there hacking up a fucking lung. I knew what she was thinking before it happened. She speared that guy like a fucking fish and pulled him up. I watched all the different pretty shapes she broke his body into. 

Anyway, that's all I had to say. Have some music. This song has been stuck in my head all day


  1. Ah, good to hear Knitty getting more in touch with her "other". What is also good to hear, that she had a good Christmas, makes me feel all warm and tingly inside, knowing that at least someone celebrated that day, I couldn't since I was a tad bit busy.

    1. Yeah, well I'm happy that she had a good Xmas too and that I helped with that. I want her to be happy.

  2. "Charlie Brown would have laughed at [your tree]"

    I appreciated that reference so much that I thought I would leave this comment saying so.

    Glad you had a good Christmas.

    1. Fuck yeah! That's my favorite Xmas special!

    2. Every Christmas it's the same. I always end up playing a shepherd.