Sunday, December 9, 2012


New face emerged from the dead end path today. A man appeared with a bag slung over his shoulder and started walking towards the cabin. We grabbed our weapons, but Father’s 82 105 116 116 101 114 39 115 presence and his song told me that this was no threat.

Went out to greet him, still taking a knife along, just in case

“Hello!” I called out

He flinched, as if shocked by my voice
“Uh, h-hi” He stammered back “I’m supposed to check in with whoever’s in charge here”

“Well you found her” Fell said, gesturing to me “So what the fuck do you want?”

“….The Slender Man told me I have to stay here t-to work for you”

At this, Fell began to laugh. He frowned in confusion  

“I see,” I said “I am KnitWolf, what do you call yourself?”


 “Ah, the great hunter… So, brother how many people have you killed?”

“Wha- I- None! I just track them. I don’t kill”

“I see. We’ll have to fix that.”


“Also, while you are under my command, you will not be called Acteon, Your name is now Hart”


“Fell, go get Hart set up in the cabin”

She grabbed his arm and led him inside.

Father 82 105 116 116 101 114 13 10, I will see to it that he carries out your will


  1. Maybe I've interpreted things wrong (and I probably have), but given Fell's near dangerous level of misanthropy, is it really a good idea to leave Hart alone with her?

    1. Fell will not harm Hart unless I order her to. I will not order her to unless he proves incompetent. In this regard, he has more to fear from me.

  2. Hey! I don't kill every sorry assed motherfucker I see especially if they're part of the family! What's up with talking about MY misanthropy? I don't think I'm any more misanthropic than the Wolf :/