Monday, November 3, 2014


It was her favorite time of the year so we had to do something to celebrate it

Me and Hart went out to the theatre for a double feature of the old Mummy and Wolf Man movies. The Wolf would have loved that. I fucking hated the main characters in both. At least the effects were cool and the popcorn was good

We also went hunting. Being Halloween, there were plenty of costumed, drunk motherfuckers roaming around, so it wasn’t hard to grab one. I teleported her ass into the woods where Hart was waiting. He handed me my tomahawk while the drunk bitch was stumbling around trying to figure out what the fuck just happened. She finally noticed us and asked us what the fuck was going on. I just told the dumb ass to start running and lifted my tomahawk. Once she saw that, she fucking bolted, screaming and stumbling the whole way. The only ones around to hear her were me and Hart so we played our little fucking cat and mouse game until I decided to end it. Bitch broke free of the trees just to fall into a shallow fucking stream, so I chopped her in the back and held her down till the bubbles stopped. I love drowning motherfuckers. Hart was tailing us just in case. I could tell by his eyes when he got close that he was smiling away under that mask.

We ditched the body except for the leg. I brought that home to carve and cook up. Hart helped me cook it so that I didn’t burn the fucking place down. It couldn’t compare to the Wolf’s cooking but it was good. This was my tribute to her.

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  1. I was just happy to see that you were really back to your old self