Friday, February 7, 2014


Figured I would do something a little different this time.
We have a guest here for the evening but I’m not going to lay a hand on him
Don’t worry, I’m not leaving the company neglected. Fell is playing hostess this time.

It’s been ages since I’ve just sat back and watched her work
So here I am, comfortably stretched out on the ground; typing away while she plays her game

Heh… the game isn’t going to last long if she keeps up like that though. She should really let the poor boy breathe a bit more. Ah, she does so like to leave them breathless. She tells him that the rope around his neck suits him well… though she put it in much more colourful terms. I do agree with her appraisal, but I don’t think he shares that opinion.

I want to join in but I won’t
This one is hers

Don’t feel too bad for him, dears. He had just finished stomping on someone else when we got our hands on him.

Oooh Fell just fetched her tomahawk

Heh… He screams beautifully for someone who was acting so tough
At least his hands are free now. Granted, they are no longer attached to him but, you know, small victories.

She looks so lovely, streaked with his blood

I just know he’ll make a great meal once she’s through with him. I’d love to taste his blood. I think I’ll try cooking him with cider and sage… mm that sounds good … Figure if I’m not going to take part in the kill, I will enjoy the aftermath

I’m impressed that he is still struggling at this point. He’s still trying to push himself away and kick with his one remaining leg.

Oooooh I so want to tell her to switch to more subtle means… prolong the suffering but that’s my style not hers. I won’t interfere.

There we go. It’s done. Time to get cooking


  1. Hey, I can relate to Fell in that sense. If there's no point in keeping them alive, put them out quickly, why bother making it personal when you have more important shit to do.

    I guess that's why I can't kill purely for enjoyment; I have to feel like its actually going to benefit me somehow. Otherwise, why waste survival energy?

  2. What can I say? When the situation allows, I like to savour it.

    To the point about benefits: Personally, I feel that I am benefited by taking a more... refined approach... for want of a better term, because it does more to sate the hunger, because it gives me yet another creative outlet, because its good practice in case I have to torture someone for reasons other than my own enjoyment, because I get a certain amount of satisfaction from being able to do so, because it pleases Ritter, etc.

  3. Replies
    1. You know i am! Thats why you did thisisnt it? Yur trying to make it worse1

    2. Hm? Oh... Did my talk of tasting that man’s blood and cooking him make you hungrier?

    3. i dont want to feel thisway i sholdnt feel like this

    4. The only way to stop your hunger is to find a way to sate it, dear.

    5. i dont want to ve like you

    6. Heh... Oh come on, it's not so bad. To see the beauty in the grotesque- the colour of blood on a canvas of flesh, the agony fading into peace.

      Seems like a better fate than sitting still, waiting to be consumed or saved, like a lamb to the slaughter

    7. stop its getting worse so loud in my head it hurts it lies makeitstop icant be saved god hates me please please please make it stop

    8. No. You are the only one who can end this. You must choose your path now

  4. I agree with you on this. Death is too quick. Torture lasts awhile, not to mention its much more fun.