Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Too Quiet

It’s been too fucking quiet here!
Where the hell is everyone?

Where did the Wolf go? And who is this person that’s replaced her??

Don’t get me wrong, It’s still the Wolf alright, but she’s different
She’s all business now. All she does on her own anymore is clean or sharpen her knives, spar with me, go on missions, order me around, and kill

Yeah, we’ve been busy. Not that you ass badgers would know, because she doesn’t look at the blogs anymore to tell you about our wacky fucking adventures

I practically gotta beg her to do anything like teaching me how to knit or cook or even just to go outside for fun. She does it, but I can tell that she doesn’t care about it.

I knew she was upset when that dick licking cunt cannon started bragging about leaving her sunny fleshy guy to bleed out

The Wolf has been hurt before, thinking that fucktard was dead but it’s different now. She’s not upset anymore. She’s not anything.  
I wish she wouldn’t shut me out like this
She loved that stupid asshole. She’d pour her heart out to him

I wish…

Never mind. Fuck off

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